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Meet Rebecca

Hi, my name is Dr Rebecca Montacute, and I grew up here in the constituency with my mum and my brother.

I went to local state schools, Bishop Sutton Primary and Chew Valley Secondary School and Sixth Form.

A Labour government opened up so many opportunities for me, allowing me to be the first person in my family to go to university, before going on to gain a PhD in Neuroscience. 

I’m now Head of Research and Policy at a major national education charity. Throughout my career, I’ve fought for others to have access to the same opportunities I was so lucky to have. I also spent three years as a school governor, and I'm a charity trustee. 

I’m a committed and experienced Labour activist, having campaigned for the party in key marginals across the country in three general elections. I've successfully fought against both the Tories and the Lib Dems to secure wins for Labour.

I’ve got what it takes to bring this seat back to Labour, and deliver as your MP from day one.

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I'll fight for you

I know first-hand that politicians make decisions with real world consequences. I lost my mum after failures in mental health care here in the constituency.

I successfully fought for lessons to be learnt from her death and for her story to be told. After the inquest – when government failed to do so – I took those failures back to the mental health trusts involved, and successfully secured changes to make those services safer for everyone in North East Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

Everyone deserves high quality public services they can rely on, whether it’s health care, social care, childcare, education or local public transport.

This is the place I fought for justice for my mum. As your candidate and your MP, I will fight just as hard for you.

 "In 2018 I lost my mum after failures in mental health care locally. I successfully fought for lessons to be learnt from her death, and for changes to make mental health services safer for everyone here in Somerset."

- Rebecca Montacute

I love this community

I care deeply about this part of the world – it made me the person I am today. My family are here, living right across the constituency, from Hanham to Paulton. I have a lifelong relationship and dedication to the people here.

It would be the honour of my life to represent this community in Parliament. I'm committed to being a full time MP for the place I love, living in the constituency and doing all I can to fight for voters here. That also means no second job, my constituents will always come first. 

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Ready as your MP from day 1

The chance to unseat Jacob Rees-Mogg will get national media attention. We need a candidate who can hold their own under pressure.

In my day job, I regularly speak to journalists and appear on the news, including on major national outlets like BBC and Sky News.

And in my campaigning work after my mum’s death, I’ve brought her story to thousands of people, both here in the West Country and nationally. I’ve told her story on BBC News, on BBC Radio 4, and in national papers like the Daily Mail, as well as in the Chew Valley Gazette and in Bristol Post. I know how to campaign and get media attention for the issues impacting our community.

I’ve got what it takes to take on Jacob Rees-Mogg, and to win.

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The experience to deliver as your MP.

I’ve worked in education policy for seven years, and have successfully fought for changes to national policy. I know how Westminster works - and how to get change there.

From giving evidence at Select Committees in Parliament, to lobbying for change in Number 10.


I’m the candidate with the experience to get things done for this constituency, and deliver as your MP in the long term.

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