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1. Reduce the cost of living for constituents

Growing up in the constituency in a single parent family, I know what it’s like when money is tight. And far too many families are in the same situation today in the Conservatives' cost of living crisis. In Westminster, I will fight for better protections for workers, alongside affordable housing, transport and childcare.

I'm passionate about delivering a childcare system that works. I've worked extensively on early education and childcare policy nationally, and as my aunt runs a nursery here in Somerset, I've seen the issues facing providers and parents locally. Far too many parents cannot find a place, and those that can face extremely high fees. As it stands, our system is also a major roadblock for women's participation in the workplace. We need to build a system that really work for families.

To tackle the cost of living, I will also champion an affordable green transition, and fight to bring good quality green jobs here to North East Somerset and Hanham. And I will also push for the support families need to make the transition to net zero affordable for them, and to ultimately lower their own energy bills. 

2. Bring local NHS services back from the brink

The Conservatives have mis-managed the NHS for years, cutting corners and avoiding the long-term investment it needs.

I know first hand the challenges our local NHS services are facing. We’re now left with long waiting lists and far too many patients, like my mum, failed by local services – despite heroic efforts from NHS workers.


And while staff at the BRI gave fantastic care to my grandmother at the end of her life a few months ago, getting initial care out to someone who is elderly and vulnerable can take far too long. Our community deserves so much better.

I will fight to bring our NHS back from the brink; including proper investment in mental health care, a social care system that works, and more investment in vital equipment like MRI and CT scanners to stop people getting sicker while stuck on wait lists for tests. I will also fight for a health service which truly values the NHS workforce we all rely on. 

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3. Tackle climate change

In the fight against climate change, now more than ever we need MPs who understand science in Parliament. But just 17% of sitting MPs have a scientific background. 


I’m a scientist, and I’ve worked as an expert advisor to MPs on scientific issues in Westminster. Climate change would be a major priority for me in Parliament. 

Action here is vital, and there are huge opportunities for the UK to become leaders in green technology if we invest in those industries now, alongside support for families to help them to swap to greener options. 


In rural areas particularly, where there are some of the poorest insulated and leakiest homes, there are major opportunities to help people save money on their energy bills, while also protecting the planet. 


4. Secure frequent, reliable and affordable public transport for our communities

Growing up in the Chew Valley, I relied on the 672 bus into Bristol. It was freedom for me. It’s also how my grandparents, who were unable to drive, came out to us from south Bristol to support my mum with childcare when we were younger. I fought in the recent campaign against the closure of the 672, and since then have been giving support to vital efforts by local groups to bid for replacement services.


There have been major cuts to bus services right across the constituency, including the 37, 185, 636, 640, 664, 683, 684, 752 and the 754, following cuts in funding from central government. Country and rural communities received just 10% of funds in a recent government funding round for bus routes - It’s heartbreaking how many young people will miss out on opportunities with the recent loss of services, as well as cutting off many elderly residents reliant on them.


Too often, bus services in our towns and villages are simply forgotten. As your MP, I will fight for local services which are frequent, reliable and affordable.

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