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Winning Here

Under the new boundaries, this constituency is a clear fight between Labour and the Conservatives. The Lib Dems don’t have a chance here - but we need to make that case to voters.

A new constituency is a clean slate. We have a chance to reset the narrative. I'm out on the doorstep here every week, and week after week I’ve seen the huge opportunity we have to do just that. 

And the recent win for Labour in the Kingswood by-election makes the case even clearer, with just under half of Kingswood - now with a sitting Labour MP - moving into North East Somerset and Hanham at the General Election. 

Seat projections are on our side too – Electoral Calculus now give us an 83% chance of winning the seat (and the Lib Dems now less than 0%). 


But the voters we need to win will be spread across the entire constituency. We’re going to need to get out the Labour vote in every town, village and hamlet.

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Our new constituency

Boots on the ground

To get to those voters, we’ll need boots on the ground.

I'm out on the doorstep regularly right across the constituency. I’ve seen how powerful doorstep conversations and a clear Labour presence are here, showing voters Labour are the true opposition in this seat. 

And the rural areas of the constituency, where we'll face the biggest threat from smaller parties like the Lib Dems and the Greens, are the parts I know inside out, and are where local voters will know me personally.

I'm the candidate voters there will trust, trust that will be vital to bring them over to Labour. 


As your candidate, I’ll continue to be out on the doorstep regularly, and work hard to get members excited to come out too.

That’s about making canvassing fun, and helping people to feel like they’re part of something bigger.I'll be working hard to make sure we increase the number of members we have out on the doorstep each week.

As your candidate, I will run sessions aimed at first time canvassers, with support for those who have never been out on the doorstep before.

I'll make sure we have clear communication with local members throughout the campaign, so they have easy access to information on canvassing sessions, including regular posts across social media channels.

I will host socials around canvassing sessions, to help members get to know each other and really feel like they’re part of a wider movement.

There’s also a big opportunity to coordinate and bring in people from further afield who are motivated to get Jacob Rees-Mogg out of parliament. I'll make sure that motivation turns into action here in the constituency.

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