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A fresh start for Yeovil

After 14 years of failure from the Conservatives - Yeovil needs change.


I grew up in Somerset, and my dad and grandparents are from Yeovil (my uncle and my grandad are big Yeovil Town FC supporters!)

I've secured change here before. In 2018 I lost my mum after failures in mental health care locally. I successfully fought for lessons to be learnt from her death, and for changes to mental health services to make them safer for everyone across Somerset.

Montacute family photo.jpg

I have experience working on policy at a national level. I'm a leading national education expert, and have successfully fought for policy change in Westminster - including securing support for low income children both during and after the pandemic. I currently work in a high-profile role at a national education charity.

I have a PhD in Neuroscience, and I’ve worked as an expert advisor to MPs on scientific issues in Parliament.

I have what it takes to secure real change for Yeovil

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