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A fresh start for North East Somerset and Hanham

A local campaigner and a national education expert.

I know this community inside out - and have successfully fought for and delivered real change for residents, both here in our community and in Westminster.


I was born and raised here in the constituency, in the Chew Valley. I have a lifelong commitment to this community.

Voters here are my family and friends. From Hanham, to the Mendips, Longwell Green, to Whitchurch, Keynsham, Saltford and Paulton, I know these communities and I know how to win here for Labour.

I'm a highly skilled campaigner. In 2018 I lost my mum after failures in mental health care locally. I successfully fought for lessons to be learnt from her death, and for changes to mental health services to make them safer for everyone here in North East Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

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I have experience working on policy at a national level. I'm a leading national education expert, and have successfully fought for policy change in Westminster - including securing support for low income children both during and after the pandemic. I currently work in a high-profile role at a national education charity.

I have a PhD in Neuroscience, and I’ve worked as an expert advisor to MPs on scientific issues in Parliament.

Make sure we have the strong candidate Labour need for North East Somerset and Hanham.

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“I've known Rebecca for over 15 years. She has always been someone with integrity who stands up and fights for what is right. Her passion and determination are just what this constituency needs - a true voice for the people.”

Megan Perry,

Local Labour Party Member - Pensford
Previous CLP Secretary for North East Somerset

Watch my campaign video

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“Rebecca has actively advocated for the return of a fixed-timetable bus route in the Chew Valley. As a resident of the local area, I wholeheartedly endorse Rebecca for the Labour selection, confident in her dedication to fostering positive change in our community.”

Elaine Workman,

Local Labour Party Member, Bishop Sutton

Elaine Workman

Bishop Sutton Resident

Proud to be endorsed by

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I’ll use your contact details to send updates on my campaign.

Members can also arrange a meeting with me to learn more about my plans as your candidate.

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