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A fresh start for Yeovil

After 14 years of failure from the Conservatives - it's time for something new.

We need to end the chaos and give Yeovil a fresh start.

I'm a scientist, national education expert and local mental health campaigner.


I will work hard every day to deliver a better future for Yeovil.


I grew up in Somerset, and my family have lived locally for generations. (My uncle and grandpa are big Yeovil Town FC fans!) Understanding the issues that matter to residents here means I can be an effective voice for Yeovil in Parliament.


I've secured change for residents here before. In 2018 I lost my mum after failures in mental health care locally. I successfully fought for lessons to be learnt from her death, and for changes to mental health services to make them safer for everyone across Somerset.

Montacute family photo.jpg

I have experience working on policy at a national level. I'm a leading national education expert, and have successfully fought for policy change in Westminster - including securing support for low income children both during and after the pandemic. I currently work in a high-profile role at a national education charity.

I have a PhD in Neuroscience, and I’ve worked as an expert advisor to MPs on scientific issues in Parliament.

I can secure change for Yeovil in Westminster.

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